What is vertical garden?

Vertical gardens are the perfect solutions to introduce greenery to urban homes, which are generally crunched by space.  It creates a refreshing green corner which uplifts the overall ambience and quality of living. Besides its beauty, a vertical garden also reduces stress, enhance indoor air quality, improve mental health, reduce employee sick days or demonstrate your commitment to sustainability.

Why its amazing to have one?

Maximize Limited Space

Enhance Visual Beauty

Improves Home Air Quality and Removes Toxins

Soothing Natural Beauty

Mycloudforest Advantage

We are at the fore-front of the fast-growing market demand for “vertical gardens,” “green walls,“ “plants on wall” or simply “living walls.”

We have spent enormous time and energy in innovating & building the perfect vertical garden that looks and stays amazingly green. Our soilless media & balanced mixture of nutrients ensures that the plants stay healthy and fresh for years. We have the widest range of vertical garden which can be customized to suit your space and budget requirements.

We will ensure the vertical wall is green from day one and you don’t have to wait for years to enjoy the look you desire. You can opt for drip irrigation system for worry free watering of the plants. Our expert maintenance team will ensure that your vertical green wall stays green forever without worries.

So leave your worries to us and enjoy the refreshing view.


We will design, create and maintain your vertical garden. With our affordable maintenance package, you will have trained professionals visiting your home to ensure it remains lush & green always.

Discover the benefits of our maintenance plans.


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Enjoy your
personal Green wall


Diagio Hebbal testimonial mycloudforest
Diagio Hebbal



We wanted to install vertical garden for our office and approached mycloudforest. They were prompt in responding and assigned a project manager who visited the site, noted site conditions and understood requirement. We found their prices extremely competitive and were impressed by the team coordination and execution. Moreover, post completion they educated us about the maintenance and also provided complimentary maintenance visit to ensure the health of the vertical garden. Overall very professional service and great quality.

frequently asked questions

1. What is a vertical garden?

A vertical garden is a method to grow plants on walls. It is also called as green wall or living wall. They are a perfect solution to create greenery in today’s urban spaces

2. How does a vertical garden work?

A vertical garden system is built with a back frame such that it doesn’t damage the wall or surrounding. Drip irrigation system allows Water and nutrients flows to feed the roots which keeps the plants alive.

3. What are the best places to install vertical garden?

A vertical garden can be installed Indoors, Outdoors, Semi shade, Office spaces, wall of commercial buildings, as room partition etc. It is extremely versatile. We will offer you the suitable choice of plants based on the site conditions.

4. How do I water my vertical garden?

Water is supplied at the pots which is gravity fed down, which can be supplied by a drip irrigation or hand watering. We urge our customers to opt for drip irrigation system as they go a long way in ensuring sustainability of the living wall.

5. How do I decide which plants to put?

The choice of plants are decided on the actual site conditions. We will provide you all the possible options of plants.

6. I do not have water connection. Can is still install vertical garden?

Yes that is absolutely possible. In the absence of existing water connection we can install bottom container with drip irrigation system attached to the vertical garden structure. This will take care of the watering of the vertical garden.

7. How about maintenance of the vertical garden?

No, it doesn’t require much care. Once we install the vertical garden with drip irrigation structure, it takes care of itself. You can of course ask for our ad hoc maintenance service (if required) or enrol for AMC.

8. How much does it cost to install a vertical garden?

We will provide you a free quote on email based on our understand of your space. Alternatively we can send our project manager for meeting at your home, which is chargeable at Rs. 500. This amount is adjustable on confirmation of the project (minimum project value of Rs. 25000).

9. I do see different prices of vertical garden in the market? What are the factors which determine it.

Our vertical gardens vary in price based on a multitude of factors such as size, plant choice and installation variations. We will endeavour to advise you on a vertical garden that fits within your budget without compromising on quality. The larger the vertical garden the more cost efficient it becomes. Our quotes include all work associated with installing a fully functioning vertical garden including the frame, stainless steel trough, irrigation, pump and timer as well as the potted plants. After all if you aren’t happy with the service it is mycloudforest reputation that suffers.

10. Is vertical garden is good for health?

Yes absolutely. Refer to the link - http://www.boredpanda.com/best-air-filtering-houseplants-nasa/

11. What will be the typical lifetime of my vertical garden?

A vertical garden can last a lifetime pertaining to occasional maintenance and right care of the plants. It can easily have a life of 5 – 10 yrs. Post that a change of plants might be required.

12. If I want to move my house can my garden come with me?

The Vertical Garden is designed to be a long lasting feature wherever it has been installed. Moving it after installation can be done but would be labour intensive. This is something that can be done of course, however it would be a great selling feature for any prospective buyers of the property

1. Is home consultation mandatory for vertical garden project?

Home consultation is not critical for a vertical garden project. Our project managers do have site meetings but in exceptional cases. We will send our surveyor to take measurements of actual site post confirmation of project. The service is chargeable.

2. What are the payment terms once I commission mycloudforest vertical garden?

An total advance equal to 50% of the total amount is required to book your mycloudfores vertical garden. The remaining 50% of the amount is due post arrival of products at your site and before installation.

3. What is the warranty for mycloudforest vertical garden?

Our vertical garden base structure, water trough and pots comes with 5 year warranty. Drip irrigation system has 6 month warranty against any installation issues. There is no warranty on plants. We encourage the customers to ensure the quality of plants during installation. However, we do provide 1 complimentary maintenance visit 1 month post installation.

4. Do mycloudforest maintain the vertical garden post installation?

Yes, you can opt for our annual maintenance plan or request for ad hoc maintenance service as and when required.

5. What are the modes of payment?

A Payment through credit or debit cards through swiping machine or online payment link

B. Direct transfer to bank account

C. Cheque

D. Cash

You can also opt for EMI’s at prevalent credit card interest rates.

1. Can I customize my vertical garden completely?

We will provide you options for the same.

2. Do you have different themes to choose from?

Vertical garden themes are primarily based on choice of plants which is largely dependent on the site conditions. For bigger vertical gardens themes can be created using multiple types of plants. For smaller units, we recommend same type of plants.

1. What if a plant dies?

Our Vertical Garden pots are designed for easy removal and replacement of existing plants. Simply remove the potted plant and replace with a new one.

2. Do you take up maintenance of existing vertical garden?

We are sorry, but our maintenance plan is limited to our clients.

3. What are your delivery timelines?

Your commissioned mycloudforest vertical garden will be delivered in 2 to 3 weeks from the day of advance receipt and confirmation of final product.

4. Can I request for early delivery timelines?

We can consider this on request. This will entail an additional charge of 5% of the total project cost. However, the earliest time possible for vertical garden installation is 3 weeks, as we need to give enough time for the plants conditioning.