How it Works

  1. Refer a friend.
  2. Your friend confirms project with us and enter into the project contract.
  3. You will earn a credit note of Rs. 2000 per project which can be used for any of our product or services.
  4. We will not charge initial consultation fee for your referred friend.


  1. When your friend confirms his/her order with us, by paying 10% of their order value, you will earn ₹2,000/- (minimum order value of ₹ 100,000/-)
  2. You can refer as many customer as possible and accumulate your credit notes.
  3. Your friend must communicate your reference when he/she starts to design with mycloudforest.
  4. You can use this credit for any of our product or services.
  5. Subscribe to the monthly My Cloud Forest newsletter for all the latest updates.