Boxwood Full Wall Grass Artificial

If you are reimagining to transform your balcony into a lush green haven, consider adding Viridi Vertical Wall of boxwood grass on one side wall of your balcony. You can add colour and elegance to it with exotic and tropical flowers. Accent string lights could be a surprising element to glow up the ambience. This boxwood grass for a creative balcony makeover is a perfect decorative piece if a vertical wall garden is on top of your mind. Incorporate earthy planters or vibrant pots with colourful hanging flowers. You can also customize the wall with repurposed containers to grow herbal plants if you crave a rustic ambience inside your contemporary living space. (Boxwood grass (Length standard 9 ft, width as per the floor width to be taken automatically))
1.0 ft (L) x 1.0 ft (W)