Natural Bamboo Wall Half

Had enough of city life? Tweak it a little by welcoming a rustic aura to your contemporary living ambience. With this Jane half bamboo wall on one side wall of your balcony, you can create a beautiful and environmentally friendly transformation for your balcony garden. This bamboo wall invites a warm pleasant colour and gives your dreamlike balcony gardening a rural touch. This accent decor piece for balcony gardening is made of original bamboo panels. It is sustainable, stylish and resistant to insects and moisture. It can be functional if you can enrich the set up by installing planters, creepers and freefalling plants, and vibrant pots with colourful flowering plants and beautiful foliage plants. (Bamboo Wall (4 ft wide * 4ft length))
1.0 ft (L) x 1.0 ft (W)