Balcony Garden BS3
₹ 11499
For 10 ft (L) x 5 ft (W)

What's Included?

  • Artificial Grass- Premium quality grass for balconies and outdoor.
  • Pots - 2 Medium sized Standard colored plastic pots with Plants as per design the design.
  • 2 Metal Railing pots with plants as per design .
  • Soilless Media for potting the plants.
  • (The plants will be lush and standard height and density as per the design)


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HSR layout

I chose the ID 005 Balcony from Mycloudforest’s standard balcony range and booked it with Rs. 1000 online, I received the call same day asking for the details of my balcony and then I was made to pay in full. I must admit that the process was smooth. The balcony was installed within 7 days. Our balcony garden came up exactly the way it was in the designs. The quality of products is amazing. It has truly transformed our home and created the most loved space of our home. #mycloudforest

frequently asked questions

1. What is a Balcony Garden?

A Balcony Garden is a garden created, typically in an urban apartment with limited space. A Balcony Garden is created with the choices of plants and other aesthetic elements to suit space and light constraints and thrive in it. A Balcony Garden transforms your home and provides an amazing green space in your home.

We have 11 pre-set balcony designs to suit every balcony. You can also get your balconies customized with us based on your taste, space, light, exposure and budget.

2. What are the sizes for MyCloudforest standard Balcony Gardens that are sold online?

Our pre-set designs are created for standard apartment balcony size of 10ft length x 5ft width. However, the designs can be easily tweaked for bigger or smaller balconies and the cost can be adjusted accordingly.

3. My balcony size/ shape is not standard, can MyCloudforest still help me setting up the Balcony Garden?

Of course, we can. Please select the balcony online and pay a booking fee of Rupees 1000. If you require more details please feel free to call our team before booking. Our team will contact and discuss any changes if required.

4. What is the process once I book the Balcony Garden online?

Once the Balcony Garden is booked online, our team will get in touch with you to explain your selected Balcony Garden. They will also request for the dimensions and photos of balcony if required. Once, the details are finalized we will send you a final quote based on the final size of your balcony.

5. What is the payment process?

Once the final quote is received, you are required to pay minimum 50% of the amount. Once the amount is paid, your Balcony Garden will be installed in 7 – 10 working days. You are required to pay the remaining amount before installation, once the products reach your address, either in cash or digital payment.

6. What are the payment options?

We accept multiple payment options such as – cash, Paytm, Google Pay, Payment Link, Credit Card & Online Bank transfer.

7. Is the booking amount refundable?

If you for any reason decide to not proceed with the Balcony Garden post booking and before finalization i.e. paying 50% of the amount, we will refund you the full amount deducting Rs. 250 as inconvenience charges.

8. What is the time taken for pre-set balcony design installation?

We take 7-10 working days to install the balcony at your home after the finalization of the balcony and 50% payment.

9. Is water proofing mandatory for Balcony Garden?

We generally prefer container plants as they don’t require any water proofing and are easier to manage. They have long term benefits in terms of replacing the plants or soil and comes without hassle of any leakage or water seepage issues. However, if required we do take measures for water proofing.

10. Do the plants do any harm to the structure of the building?

We do take multiple measures to ensure no harm to the building structure. Plants are generally put in containers. We consider plants with fibrous roots which do not cause any harm to the roof.

11. How will I ensure the maintenance of plants?

There are multiple steps we take to ensure that your Balcony remains lush and green as its installed as following –

A. We provide low maintenance plants. Also, we will provide you a guide to maintain your plants easily. Moreover, you will have access to our customer care for any questions related to maintenance. We understand the busy lifestyle and the need for low maintenance, no frills Balcony Garden. We have developed techniques in our Balcony Garden which ensures minimum maintenance.

B. You can choose for the option for drip irrigation system to ensure self-watering of plants.

C. You can opt for any of our affordable adhoc, quarterly or annual maintenance plan.

12. Do I need a water connection in my balcony?

It is not required. In the absence of water connection, you have to manually water the plants. We can also provide you options of low maintenance plants in bigger size containers with our proprietary soilless media in which plants will do well with even watering once in a week. We do take care of extending plumbing work to ensure water connection on Balcony.

13. What are the services taken up by MyCloudforest?

Plumbing, Electrical work, Masonry work, Wooden work, Seating, Pergola, tiling work, painting etc. We will take up everything to ensure we build the space as per your requirement.

14. Will the products used for Balcony Garden sustain outdoor weather conditions?

All the products we use or install in Balcony Gardens are suitable and sustainable for outdoor use. It can handle outdoor weather conditions easily. Moreover, we will have a discussion to understand the light, water etc. conditions and adjust the plant types if required, to suit your space.

15. What will be the typical lifetime of my Balcony Garden?

A Balcony Garden once built is forever. All our products are built to sustain in outdoor for years. It doesn't require any significant maintenance over time other than standard wear and tear.

16. What are the general sizes and quality of plants used?

We ensure standard size and highest quality of plants to ensure your Balcony looks lush and green from Day 1.

17. My balcony will always look lush and green once I get a Balcony Garden done?

We provide plants as per the site conditions based on how much sunlight the plants will get for how long and drip irrigation system can be installed if required. But It is a myth that there are "carefree," or "foolproof," plants. Unless they are plastic or already dead, all plants need some care. All plants need water, and most need to be fed, you can also select from our maintenance packages to keep your balconies lush and green.

18. My balcony is open on all three sides. Can I still go with a Balcony Garden?

Most of our designs are created to fit all Balcony Gardens, based on our experience of design and installation of more than 1000 Balcony Gardens in Bangalore. However, our team will get in touch with you to understand any specifics of your balcony, before finalizing the project.

19. My balcony is open on two sides? Which designs can I opt for?

Most of our designs are created to fit all Balcony Gardens, based on our experience of design and installation of more than 1000 Balcony Gardens in Bangalore. However, our team will get in touch with you to understand any specifics of your balcony, before finalizing the project.

20. I don’t like any of the standard Balcony Garden designs in the website or my balcony space is much bigger. Can MyCloudforest customize?

Yes, we create customized balcony and Balcony gardens. However, the standard designs listed on the website are an outcome of our experience of designing and installing thousands of Balcony Gardens in affordable price range across Bangalore (Rs. 5000 to Rs. 30,000). So, if your budget is within the price range, we highly recommend you to go with one of our standard Balcony Gardens. Please feel free to discuss with our customer support team.

We understand that people have unique tastes and if you want to customize the Balcony Garden as per your specific design, we can customize for you. Our customization process involves booking home consultation, which is charged at Rs. 500. Based on the discussion in the home consultation our team will prepare a design and will seek your inputs to finalize the design. Typically, our customized Balcony Gardens start from Rs. 30,000. We charge Rs. 2500 for designing of the Balcony Garden, which involves a detailed presentation and 2D design.

1. Will I be charged for home consultation for customized Balcony Garden?

Yes, the consultation with our project manager is a paid service. The booking fee includes design. Please note, the booking fee is redeemable against the project confirmation.

2. What if I want more iterations on the design?

Yes, the consultation with our project manager is a paid service. The booking fee includes design. Please note, the booking fee is redeemable against the project confirmation.

3. What is the warranty for MyCloudforest Balcony garden?

Our Balcony Garden comes with product specific warranty. There is no warranty on plants. We encourage the customers to ensure the quality of plants during installation. However, we do provide 1 complimentary maintenance visit 1-month post installation.

4. What are the payment terms once I commission MyCloudforest customized Balcony Garden?

An advance equal to 50% of the total amount is required to book your MyCloudforest customized Balcony Garden. The remaining 50% of the amount is due at the time of delivery of all products.

5. What are the payment terms once I commission MyCloudforest standard Balcony Garden?

A booking amount of Rs1000 is required to initiate the discussion on the standard designs with our team and full payment is required once the final calculation (if any) based on exact measurements is agreed before installation.

6. What are the modes of payment?

A. Payment through credit or debit cards through swiping machine or online payment link
B. Direct transfer to bank account
C. Cheque
D. Cash

You can also opt for EMI’s at prevalent credit card interest rates.

1. Can I customize my Balcony Garden completely?

Yes, you can customize your Balcony Garden completely as per your requirement. We will provide you all the possible options.

2. Do you have different themes to choose from?

Yes, our project manager will provide you all the possible themes. However, if you have anything particular in mind, we are happy to take it up.

3. What options do you have for plants?

We will provide and suggest you all the possible options for plants which goes in a Balcony setup as per your site natural conditions.

1. What are your delivery timelines?

Your commissioned MyCloudforest Balcony Garden will be delivered within 2- 3 weeks from the day of advance receipt and confirmation of final drawings.

2. Can I request for early delivery timelines?

We can consider this on request. This will entail an additional charge of 5% of the total project cost.

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