Kaleidoscopic Green
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₹ 42999
For 11 ft (L) * 5 ft (W)
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We recognize that Nature is truly a kaleidoscope, especially in its luxuriance of variety and colors. We offer you green in its different manifestations in various plants to pamper your senses. From the piny needles of ferns to the broad palms, this cornucopia will delight you without making you queasy in the slightest w...


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I choose the Bali Balcony garden from mycloudforest. The process was smooth. Their project manager visited our house post booking and finalized the measurements and briefed on the design. It took 2 weeks for the installation post that. Our balcony garden came up exactly the way it was in the designs. The quality of products is amazing. It has truly transformed our home and created the most loved space of our home. #mycloudforest

frequently asked questions

1. What is included in the balcony garden?

You get what you see.

2. What is not included in the cost?

The following is not included in the base cost. You can choose it as additional.

A. Drip irrigation system

B. Lighting – You can choose it as additional

3. What is the process?

You can book the balcony of your choice by paying ₹ 5000. Post that we will send our surveyor at your place for measurements. We will schedule the delivery time 1-2 days before dispatch of products. Installation will follow next day.

4 .What if I like something that you don’t have in your catalogue? Will your team source it or get it made for me?

Not at the moment. Product recommendations outside our catalogue is not something we currently offer. You’re of course welcome to choose products and merchandise, outside of our catalogue. However, we will not assemble or install these products.

5. How long does it takes to install the project?

This varies based on the balcony type. Typically it can range from 3 hrs – 8 hrs.

6. What work is not taken up by mycloudforest?

We do not take up the following work – Plumbing work, electrical layout work (extension of electrical pts.), painting work

7. What are the general sizes and quality of plants & pots used?

Most of our products are portable and comes in modularr units. You will be able to move most of the products with you. In any case a beautiful balcony garden will increase the value of your property.

8. When I move my house can I take my balcony garden with me?

Most of our products are portable and comes in modularr units. You will be able to move most of the products with you. In any case a beautiful balcony garden will increase the value of your property.

9. Do I need water connection in my balcony.

It is not required to have water connection to set up a balcony garden. Since it is a small setup there are fewer number of plants. The fun way is to water them yourself. We can also opt for our specially designed drip irrigation system which will ensure automated watering of your plants.

10. Do you provide maintenance?

Yes, you can opt for our maintenance plan the details of which can be found on the website.

1. Will the final cost of the balcony garden vary from the one in the website?

We have covered standard sizes of apartment balconies based on our market research in Bangalore. It might vary a little based on the size of the balcony. We can estimate the same in the website. In any case we will provide you a final quote post final measurements of your site.

2. How can I calculate the estimated price of my balcony garden?

We have provided you the option of estimating the balcony garden price in balcony garden product page. Please input the length & width correctly and you will get a price estimate within 10% accuracy.

3. When do I get a final estimate of my Balcony garden?

We will provide that to you post measurements by our surveyor.

4. Is there any warranty on the balcony garden?

The balcony garden comes with product specific warranties. E.g. artificial grass comes with 7 yr warranty, pots comes with 1 yr warranty etc. There is no warranty on the plants as they are living beings and need right care to thrive.

5. What are the modes of payment?

A Payment through credit or debit cards through swiping machine or online payment link

B. Direct transfer to bank account

C. Cheque

D. Cash

You can also opt for EMI’s at prevalent credit card interest rates.

1. Can I remove a few products from the design?

Apologies. We do not provide this option. However, you can decide to rearrange the products as per your space.

2. My balcony is slightly different from the ones in the website. What do I do?

The balcony gardens in the website covers standard sizes of apartment balconies in Bangalore based on extensive survey. Post booking, our surveyor will visit your space and will get the information (measurement &pictures). We will configure the balcony garden you choose based on your exact space.

3. My balcony is significantly different from the ones in the website? What do I do?

Don’t worry. You go ahead and choose your theme. For you we will schedule visit of our project manager. We will provide you customization options based on your space and requirement.

1. What are your delivery timelines?

Your commissioned mycloudforest balcony garden will be delivered within 3 weeks from the day of final measurements & confirmation.

2. Can I request for early delivery timelines?

We can consider this on request. This will entail an additional charge of 5% of the total project cost.