Why Artificial Grass is Amazing for Urban Home Gardens

For several years since it was first manufactured, artificial grass was used exclusively by large sport clubs in their grounds. It was initially rejected by home owners as an alternative to natural lawns due to its comparatively much higher cost. But in recent years, awareness has increased regarding the long term economic and environmental benefits of artificial grass. People are no longer ashamed to admit that their lawns are in fact “fake”. Here are the most prominent benefits of having artificial gardens in urban homes:


  • Ease of use and maintenance: Most people opt out of having lawns in their homes because of the large amount of time and effort it requires to maintain it. Mundane activities such as mowing the lawn require about 3 - 4 hours a week, and cannot be avoided. Lawns are supposed to alleviate stress, not add to it. Artificial grass very little maintenance, and free up a lot of time for other essential activities. They allow even older people and busy professionals to have a pretty lawn at home without the effort and stress of a normal lawn.

  • Environmental benefits: Artificial grass requires no fertilizers and very little irrigation. Thus they aid in water conservation, and can be maintained even in relatively arid regions. Also since they do not require to be mowed, harmful emissions from lawn mowers are effectively eliminated. They allow these vital resources to be used for other unavoidable purposes, thus minimizing resource wastage.

  • Safe from harm by animals: Artificial lawns cannot be dug up. Thus house owners do not have to worry about damage to the lawns by pets or other stray animals. Artificial gardens are also very easy to clean and keep sterile. Thus house owners do not have to worry about pets running on the lawn and dragging mud into the house. They are apt for kennels and animal enclosures.

  • Roof gardens: Artificial lawns can be planted on terrace and balcony gardens which are not strong enough to support a natural lawn cover. They also eliminate the need to clean up grass clippings.

  • Safe from human wear and tear: Often, hosting lawn parties leads to the lawn being trampled by human feet. Also lawns which are walked upon constantly, especially by children, will develop bald patches and uneven growth. Artificial grass eliminates these issues, and looks identical to natural grass. They also allow house owners to host large events and parties on the lawns without fear of damage to them.