How a Terrace Garden Can Transform Your Apartment

The advent of social media and networking in recent years has increased people’s visibility thousand fold. Each and every aspect of a persons’ life is scrutinized and analyzed, and judged. Thus people go to great lengths to keep up with latest trends in lifestyle. One of the first aspects of their life people seek to improve is their living space. A person’s immediate surroundings and the place he chooses to live in gives a lot on insight into his character, and how his mind works. Thus a lot of effort and thought goes into terrace design and decoration. One of the most popular home adornments in recent times is terrace gardens.

There are numerous ways that a terrace design can transform your apartment, most prominent of which have been mentioned below:


1. A natural way for climate control

Roof gardens lower the temperature of rooms below them by as much as 6 -8 degrees Celsius. This creates a pleasant ambience inside the apartment and eliminates the need for artificial cooling techniques such as air conditioners and Navratna Cool Talc! Thus having a terrace garden leads to a decrease in energy consumption, and leaves your wallet heavier and your mind lighter come the end of the month.


2. A gardening session a day keeps doctors away

There are numerous health benefits to terrace gardens. They improve the quality and oxygen content of air in their immediate vicinity. Also, terrace gardens require very little fertilizer input and irrigation to flourish. Hence they promote the use of organic methods of farming. Consuming products grown on your own terrace organically has innumerable health benefits, and reduces the amount of harmful pesticides and entering your body. Terrace gardens make your apartment a healthier place to live in!

3. A makeover for your apartment

Terrace gardens make your apartments infinitely easier on the eye, and enhance aesthetics to a great extent. Having fragrant and colorful flowers and vegetables in your garden does wonders for the general ambience of your apartment.

4. A great stress busters

Terrace gardens allow people to relax and unwind in the lap of nature, without stepping outside your house. Also, having a physically demanding hobby such as gardening keeps you fit as a fiddle and mentally fresh. It alleviates stress and helps you recharge and face the challenges and struggles of professional life.

5. A good organizational skills

Keeping a terrace garden neat and organized breeds good habits such as minimizing resource wastage, keeping things in their designated locations and ensuring things are presented in an attractive manner. These habits extend to how you keep your apartment, and aid in general organization and maintenance of your apartment or house.