5 Ways Vertical Garden Is Amazing For Urban Homes

The increasing prevalence of gardens in urban homes, and the growth of gardening as a hobby, is proof of man’s desire to reconnect with nature on some level. There is increased awareness about the health benefits of being in constant contact with nature, and the jump in the number of terrace and balcony gardens in urban areas is proof of the same. But several urban dwellings have a severe space crunch, and people have to think of new ways to continue gardening in these confined spaces. One of the most popular and practical methods of doing so are vertical gardens or green walls.

Mentioned below are a few benefits of vertical gardens for urban homes:

  1. Maximum utilization of minimum space: Most apartments have very small common terrace areas which do not allow for individual gardens. Innovative gardeners negate the lack of horizontal space by creating vertical green walls. It allows gardeners to grow a variety of plants in a limited space.

  2. Reduce effort and increase accessibility: Tending to a garden over a large area, and bending down and watering plants is a strain on both the mind and the spine! Vertical gardens allow you to concentrate your efforts on a smaller area, while maintaining plant diversity. Plants are easier to reach, and make the entire gardening process infinitely easier.

  3. Versatile nature: There are myriad benefits to vertical gardening. It insulates buildings and maintains a pleasant ambience inside it. It also aids in capturing rainwater by slowing down the flow. Vertical gardens also can be grown over unsightly but necessary features of your house that you want to hide, but are too lazy to shift to less conspicuous places. They also act as a privacy screen and keep out unwanted attention from your neighbors.

  4. Nurture healthier plants: Vertical gardens keep plants safe from attacks by both pests and pets alike. Getting them off the ground improves air circulation, and also keeps them out of the reach of harmful microbes and diseases. Vertical gardens thus lead to a general improvement in plant health.

  5. Enhance aesthetics and visual appeal: Green walls in apartments are literally a sight for sore eyes. They offer a welcome change from the virtual sea of concrete surrounding urban dwellers. Also vertical garden structures such as hanging pots and green walls are easily noticeable since they are at eye level. They augment the aesthetic value of apartments and other urban dwellings.