5 Tops Reasons Why Your Should Have a Balcony Garden

In the day and age of Instagram posts professing love for nature and a desire to reconnect with it, very few people will actually translate this desire into action. People now live their lives surrounded by a literal mountain range of concrete, and they often spend weeks with little or no interaction with nature of any kind. Given the space constraints associated with modern urban infrastructure, one of the most convenient and cost efficient ways of maintaining our relationship with nature is a balcony garden.

There are five ways that lead to a balcony garden:

To Mother Nature the Maker, Nurturer

An increase in the occurrence of diseases, both mental and physical, since the advent of concrete jungles is proof that humans benefit from contact with nature. Any interaction, no matter how small, has positive effects on the human psyche and health in general. It also acts as a spot for people to unwind and relax, far away from the stress and struggle of work.

To the Valhalla For The Vigorous

Without delving too deep into scientific details, having a balcony garden in your home or apartment enhances the quality and breathability of air to a great extent. It increases endurance and reduces the occurrence of asthma and other pollution related ailments. Also some people choose to grow vegetables and fruits organically in their balconies, which lead to an increase in consumption of healthy greens.

To Find Beauty With Bounty

Having a balcony design with a variety of flowers and vegetables adds to the visual appeal of the apartment garden. Having fragrant varieties also eliminates the need for artificial air fresheners, and ensures that the apartment or house always looks and feels fresh and inviting.

To the Vistas of Enchantment for the Aesthete

Gardening requires considerable effort on the part of the apartment owner. It keeps the mind occupied. Maintaining the garden and keeping it clean and organized keeps people physically active, and also instills a sense of responsibility.

To Branch Out Across the Generation Gap

Having a balcony garden at home ensures children spend adequate time in their formative years interacting with nature. It also teaches them how important conservation of nature is important to the overall wellbeing of humans.