5 Reasons Why You Should have a Terrace Garden

In an age of concrete jungles and virtual interactions, the therapeutic effects of nature are often forgotten. Over the years, the human ability to tolerate stress has increased to a large extent. But even the hardiest of men can only take so much stress before they start craving nature’s soothing touch. And with the shortage of space characteristic of urban infrastructure, terrace gardens are fast gaining popularity.

Mentioned below are a few of the most important reasons to have a terrace garden:

1. Chill With Terrace Gardens

The presence of terrace gardens lowers the temperature of floors below the garden by 6 to 8 degrees Celsius. This helps in maintaining a comfortable and pleasing ambience in the apartment or house and also helps reduce dependence on artificial methods of cooling, such as air conditioners. This leads to a corresponding decrease in energy conservation, and aids conservation of energy in general.

2. Your Own Green Health Cover

The plants reduce pollution in the immediate surroundings. They enhance the overall quality and breathability of air in the vicinity, and lead to a general improvement in health of the inmates of the apartment as well as the residents of the apartment. Also, such terrace designs ensure a daily interaction with nature, which greatly reduces mental stress and tension. Also, growing fruits and vegetables in such gardens ensures that residents consume adequate amounts of healthy greens.

3. The Crowning Glory of Your House

Terrace gardens are easy on the eye, and add to the overall appeal of the apartment. Growing fragrant and colorful flowers such as roses eliminate the need for artificial air fresheners, and also ensure a pleasant and soothing ambience in the apartment or house.

4. Nature’s Own Champions

People who see a well-organized terrace design are naturally curious as to why an individual has taken so much effort to set up and maintain a garden. Thus terrace gardens are efficient tools of spreading awareness about the benefits of staying connected to nature. Children who spend adequate time in their childhood in the vicinity of such gardens get both knowledge about the importance of nature, and also the health benefits of staying close to nature. 

5. The Ace of Space

Certain people try to compensate for the lack of contact with nature by keeping a few potted plants in their apartment or house. This leads to a shortage of space and several related inconveniences. Terrace gardens free up space inside houses, and ensure efficient utilization of space.