5 Places Where You Can Consider Vertical Gardens In Your Home

Increased awareness about the benefits of contact with nature has led man to seek ways to incorporate even small elements of nature in his immediate vicinity. And one of the most efficient ways of doing so is gardens. They offer people the opportunity to bask in the lap of nature in the comfort of their own homes. But with even living space at a premium in most cities, cost and space efficient methods of gardening such as vertical gardens are fast gaining popularity. And as with other decorative items, placement and location is of paramount importance.

Mentioned below are the most effective of placing a vertical garden in your home

  1. Terraces: Most urban dwellings have only a common terrace, with very little space for horizontal gardening. Having a green wall makes the maximum use of limited space available. It helps insulation of apartments and helps maintain a pleasant temperature and ambience inside homes. Also, gardening on shared terraces helps people socialize and educate people about the benefits of such gardens

  2. Individual balconies: In apartments, each balcony is visible to people outside. Having vertical gardens there increases the visual appeal of such places. It gives people a place to relax in the lap of nature, while eliminating the effort of maintaining gardens in extensive areas. Vertical gardens also increase the quality of air of balconies, and spending time here has several health benefits for the residents.

  3. Front facing walls of homes: It is a well-accepted fact that first impressions are the most important and effective. Several homes have large walls in front that are conspicuously visible to passers-by and visitors. Growing climbers and tall plants over such walls enhances the aesthetic appeal of such homes. Moreover, such a green wall is much more economically feasible compared to other decorative items.

  4. Large windows: Vertical gardens in such locations have multiple benefits. Hanging pots and climbers close to windows enhance the visual appeal of apartments and homes, and also act as a privacy screen against unwelcome stares and nosy neighbors. Such decorations are extremely popular in urban infrastructure characterized by several apartments packed adjacent to each other and a lack of privacy.

  5. Utility boxes and other appliances: Several essential implements such as utility boxes are considered unsightly. Moving these implements to less visible locations is both impractical and expensive. Growing vertical gardens over these implements helps keep them hidden and also eliminates the need to relocate them.